Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tissue Paper Doll

  White tissue paper
   coca-cola tin
   decorative lace
   stickers or color papers
   compact  powder
glue on coca cola tin and paste the tissue paper ,and then paste tissue paper for the dress from middle to bottom of the tin and also paste the tissue paper from middle to top of the tin.for the face blush with compact powder.paint or paste the color paper for eyes,nose and lops.cut the tissue like hair and paste into top of the tin.cut tissue into wing shape paste to both side of the doll.decorate with lace.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Alovera ,honey for skin

1.Aloe Vera : The best natural skin care product is Aloe vera.Aloe vera contain vitamin C , E and mineral zinc. It can be used for any type of skin. apply aloe vera gel from aloe vera leaf directly on to face,leave 30 mins and rinse.repeat it  for a few days.separate the gel from aloe vera leaf keep it in refrigerator.It is best in hot summer.
Aloe vera gel  uses
  • face will become soft and moisturize the skin.
  • Avoid skin redness.
  • It reduce acne.
  • It avoid sun burns.
  • Gel reduce tan skin.
  • It is used for anti ageing.
  • It decrease pigmentation,dark sports.
  • It has astringent properties. 
  • Apply the gel for scalp,it is good treatment for dandruff,and hair loss. it helps for hair growth.                         
2.Honey:There are lot of skin care products containing honey.Honey is natural antioxidant and contains vitamins and variety of sugar ,minerals.Honey is best health product and it also best  for skin & hair care.Honey can be used on all skin types.
Honey for face:
  • Honey can be used on all skin types.
  • Wash the face with warm water. apply honey on to face,leave it for about 15 min and rinse off.use once a week.
  • It avoids black spots and pimple marks.apply honey on black spots  before day morning rinse off .use for few day.
  • If lips became black.apply the honey on to lips before sleep.
  • It reduce sun burns and tan skin.
Honey Face masks:
  •  Mix the cucumber puree and honey.Apply on to face and neck leave it for few mins and rinse off.
  • Mash banana and mix it with 1 cup of honey.smear on to face.let it dry for 20 mins.rinse off with water. face will be smooth.
  • 3 tsp honey,1 egg white ,2 tsp chick peas flour (or besan flour) mix well,make in to thick paste and then applying it slowly on to face and neck area.let it set for dry,rinse off.face will be little tighter with this mask.
  • Take equal quantity of oat meal and honey ,blend in a blender make a thick paste. massage the paste on to face and neck.let sit it on face for 15 mins,then rinse well.It remove dead remaining paste in a air tight container keep in refrigerator.
  • Mix honey with plain white or brown sugar.apply  on to the face.leave it few min.and rinse off.face will be smooth,silky.
  • 1 peeled apple ,honey blend them in a blender or food processor,blend until smooth. Apply this mixture on to face.let it stay for 15 mins.rinse well.
  • 1 tsp honey,1 tsp finely ground almonds,2 tsp finely ground oats,1 tsp of yogurt,few  drops lemon juice.combine all the ingredients make a fine paste.massage on to face after few min,rinse with warm water.
  • 2 tsp of honey ,2 tsp of dry yogurt ,1/4 medium size avocado (mashed) or 1/4 tsp cucumber puree mix well.apply on to  face ,let it set about 15 mins.and rinse off with  warm water.  

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pappu Chekkalu/pappu billalu/Crispy rice crackers

Ingrediants as follows:
  Rice flour -4 cups
  soaked chana dal-1/2 cup
  roasted chana dal /putnalu -1/2 cup
 crushed pea nuts-1/4 cup
 sesame seeds -4 tsp
 green chilly paste -5 to 6 nos
 salt - to taste
 curry leaves -2 springs
 vegetable oil for deep fry
  I used roasted chana dal in place of soaked chana dal.because roasted chana  gives more crispness than soaked dal. crush the peanuts but don't crush the peanuts into powder.
  add all above ingredients except oil to the rice flour add enough water prepare a soft dough. make a small balls with the dough .Take one poly thin paper and press the balls into round shape.and put a hole in middle.
 Mean while heat the oil.when oil heats drop the chekkalu into oil.fry on medium flame till they turn into golden color.
when they done take them into tissue paper to observe the excess oil.
put in air tight container it can be store up to 1 with ghee or butter.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Love Birds

Love Birds Paintings 





Sock Monkey

   1. One pair of  any Socks
   2. Stuffing - cut up old nylon stockings, cotton batting, kapok, shredded foam rubber or polyester fiber.
   3. Red knitting yarn.

Sew a seam (A) 1/2 inch on both sides of the center of sock starting three inches from the white heel and across the end of the top.
 Cut the sock between the seams and to within 1-1/2 inches of white heel.  This leaves an opening in the crotch.

Then turn the sock so the seams are on the inside and use the crotch opening to stuff the head, body and legs.

Cut the upper part of the sock into two pieces.  Seam, rounding the ends and stuff the arms.

Cut the heel from the sock, leaving a brown edge around the white.  Fasten on lower part of the face,
 whip-stitching around the bottom; stuff and finish sewing around the top.
 The mouth can be improved by a running stitch of either black or white across the middle of the lips.

Cut a one inch strip, taper to end of cuff on length of front of sock.  Seam and stuff.

Cut the ears from the remaining brown part of the sole of the sock.

Sew on moving eyes, buttons, felt, or embroider with black thread.  (For very small children embroider the eyes.)

CAP: (Optional)
Cut off toe of another sock, leaving 1/2 inch of brown to roll for a brim.  Sometimes a fez is used for a cap.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hanging Flowers

To make the flowers what u will need
1 tissue roll base
color papers

    first paste the color sheet to the tissue role base.
press horizontally to get petal shape .
cut the petals from roll 1''equally.
take another contrast color paper cut the paper in petals size.
paste it to the petals both sides.attach each petal like flower.
take any gold paper cut into flower shape.paste in the middle of the flower

hang these flower in any looks very traditionally.                                                     


Break fast/Tiffin :
Rava Idli
Rice flour Dosa
Simple Upma
Sabudana Khichidi /Sago Khichidi /Sabudana Upma
  Uppudu Pindi / Rice Flour Upma
Salads :
   Salad with Fruits / Fruit Chaat 
Dosa Hut :
Besan Omlette
Pesarattu/Moong Dal Dosa 
Rice flour Dosa
Ginger Chutney / Allam pachadi
Onion Chutney
Pea nut Chutney/palli pachadi/Ground nut chutney
  Pomegranate Chutney
Snacks :
Besan Sev
  Chegodilu / chekodilu
fried chana dal snack /spicy chana dal snack
Lilva Kachori
Minapa Vada/Urad dal Vada
Mullu murukulu/crisy spiral snack-1
Mullu murukulu -2
Pappu chekkalu/Pappu billalu/Crispy rice crackers
Perugu garelu
Poha Chudwa(Atukula chudwa/mixture)
Sakinalu / Chakinalu
Sarva Pindi/tapala chekka (Rice flour Pan cake)
Sorakaya Appalu / Bottle Gourd Patties
stuffed mirchi bajji/mirapakaya bajji
Tamalapaku bajji/Betel leaf bajji
Rice Items:
  Coconut milk rice
  Lilva Rice
  Pappu Biyyam/Kichidi
  Pulihora/Tamarind Rice
  Sesame Rice
  Sweet Potato Rice
  Aloo Paratha/potato stuffed flat bread
  Jowar Roti / Sorghum Flat Bread / Jonna Rotte
  Methi Paratha
  Simple Naan(with out yeast)
  Aloo Gobi Version 1
  Bagara Baingan(vankaya Kurma/egg plant curry)
  Capsicum curry 
  Cauliflower Besan Curry
  Cauliflower Curry
Panjabi Kadhi
 Radish Curry
Pappu charu
Pepper Soup/Miriyala Rasam / Miriyala Cahru
  Kakarakaya Pulusu 
  Badam Burfi
Bellam appalu

  Carrot Halwa
  Gummadi Halwa / White Pumpkin Halwa / Ash Gourd Halwa
Pesara sunnundalu
Milk Shake:
Avocado milkshake

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Perugu garelu

Perugu garelu is delicious snack,soak the garelu into perugu (curd) called perugu garelu.we can use either pesara gare(moong dal vada) or minapa gare(urad dal vada).But I like to use pesara gare.It's really good in taste.

Ingredients :-
  Pesara garelu -10
  perugu or yogurt or home made curd  -2 cups
  red chilly powder -1 tsp
  salt -1/2tsp
  cumin seeds, coriander seeds,mustard seeds -for seasoning
  urad dal - 1tsp
  curry leaves - 1spring
  dried ginger - small piece(optional)
  oil -2 tsp
Directions :--
   If u like more juicy u can add more curd. take the curd and blend  in a blender or any food processor.but don't blend too much.just blend about 1 to 2 mins.add red chilly powder and salt to it.blend few seconds min,take this curd into a bowl.
 heat oil on skillet add remaining ingredients to it except garelu.fry 2 to 3 mins.add this seasoning to curd.
take the garelu dip them into curd.add the garelu when they are in warm.
leave it for 4 to 5 hrs.the garelu will soak and observe the curd. and the garelu will become smooth .garnish as  u r taste.
  some times curd become add warm milk to it before soaking garelu.

Cooking Tips

  • When making deep fry, before fry ingredients into oil, just sprinkle pinch of salt into heat oil then ingredients will not observe lot of oil and will be more crispy.
  • To Avoid getting tears when chopping the onions ,before chop peel off the onions and cut into half  soak them in water about 15-20 mins.
  • To make soft chapathi ,add few milk to chapathi flour or take hand full rice flour and add it to wheat flour while kneading.
  • To remove the skin of tomatoes, leave the tomatoes in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. The skin can easily peeled off.
  • After cutting the potato and egg plant leave them in cold water,so it doesn't lost it's color.
  • when cooking cabbage or cauliflower it gives bad avoid this add 1 tsp of lemon juice to it. 
  • If you are making curry with dals don't add salt before.add salt after dal cooks,because salt won't cook dal.
  • If dish is very spicy add lemon juice to it .it will observe spiciness.
  • when making sweets Is it difficult  to make cardamom powder each time? grind the cardamom seeds  with sugar(not too much) in a it in air tight container whenever u want cardamom powder in sweets use it.
  • If you  are making sweets in a pan or kadai or tawa those are already used to cook spicy items , so they don't leave it's spiciness then heat some water in kadai and remove the water then you can prepare sweets in that kadai.
  • If chapathi and puri are stick together before frying.don't worry take one note book place each chapathi in separate page,so you can easily get chapathies with out sticking each other.
  • when boiling potatoes or vegetables in water add pinch of baking soda to it  so they boil fast.
  • To avoid apple discoloration after cutting the apple, apply lemon lemon on  apple cut surface.then the apple will look fresh for long time.
  • To avoid bad smells in refrigerator cut the lemon into half and put them in fridge. lemon will observe bad smell.
  • Your cooker has brown scum on clean this  boil the spinach leafs in cooker.
  •  Add 1 cup of poha (soaked about 5 mins) while grinding dosa  batter,then the dosa will be more crispy.If don't have poha add cooked rice or can also add 1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds but some times it give bitterness in dosa batter.
  • If yogurt will not form ,place the container in warm water for few minutes.
  • when u keep curry leaves for long time don't separate the leaves  from it's stem.
  • To remove the bitterness of  bitter melon ,first chop them add turmeric powder and salt to them leave at least 30 mins. squeeze them then the bitter will be gone out.
  • when store curry leaves in refrigerator they will change into avoid this, separate the leaves from stem wrap them into wet cloth or wet napkin(paper towel) put it in any air tight container ,keep it in fridge.

Monday, September 21, 2009

fried chana dal snack /spicy chana dal snack

Fried chana dal called in Telugu as veyinchina senega pappu. the chana dal (senega pappu)is deep fried in oil. It is easy to make.
 Chana  dal -2 cups
 pea nuts-1/2 cup(optional)
 red chilli powder -1 tsp
 salt -to taste
oil for deep frying
 garlic cloves -3 no's
 curry leaves -1 spring
(garlic and curry leaves are optional)

   soak the chana dal for at least 4 hours.after 4 hrs wash chana dal and drain out the water.
put them on kitchen towel for 15 mins then the towel will observe excess water.

put the skillet on stove heat the oil.when oil heat slowely add soaked chana dal to it.the oil will bubble

after few minutes it will stops.

stir them and fry on medium flame.till they turned into golden color.fry pea nuts about 3mins .take them into a paper towel it will observe excess oil.

add red chilli powder and salt to chana dal. in a sauce pan heat 1 tsp of oil add garlic cloves and curry leaves fry them and add it to fried chana dal.mix well.u can add your own spices to it.
it will crispy....put them in a airtight container. can store up to 1 month .

Tamalapaku bajji/Betel leaf bajji

Betel leaf has lot of  medicinal properties and also it is used as mouth freshener.when we chew betel leaf  mouth will fresh for long time.but some body don't llike to eat betel leaf directly . so this recipe will tasty and will keep the mouth fresh and easy to do take less time.
Ingredients :-
 Betel leaf - 5
 besan flour or senga pindi-1 cup
 Rice flour -2tsp
  red chilly powder -1/2 tsp
  salt -1/2 tsp
  baking soda -pinch
  oil for fry
  if u like add chat masala or add amchur powder
Method :-
   first wash the leaves and cut into half or any shape that's ur choice .put a side.take kadai and heat enough oil.mean while take one bowl add bean flour,rice flour,chilly powder,salt,baking soda,add any spices according to your taste.add water and prepare batter.the batter should not be thin.

if oil heat take the leaves dip into the batter and drop in the oil.fry on low flame till they turned into golden color.

after tthat take them into paper towel to observe excess oil.Serve hot and can also eat with any chutney 


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pesara Garelu/Moong dal Vada

Pesara garelu is the most popular snack in most of the Festivals in AP particularly in Telangana Region the garelu is common snack .I like to eat the garelu very much.

Ingredients :-
   Splitted green moong dal (pottu pesara pappu)-2cups
   Green chillies - 5 to 6
   small chopped onion-1
  Ginger -small piece
   curry leaves -few
   corainder leaves
   spring onion(optional)
   salt -1tsp
  oil for frying
  soak moon dal atleast 4 to 5 hours.wash the dal , remove half of the skin and drain them for at least 30 mins.
The skin of moong dal give don't remove total skin.

   take 1/2cup soaked dal and put grind the remaining  moong dal, green chillies,ginger and salt into paste.don't grind into fine paste.just crush the moong dal.u can also grind the moong dal and green chillies seperately.then u can add green chilly paste according to your taste.
   mean while heat the oil in add curry leaves coriander leaves,spring onions and soaked dal to the paste.If oil heat wet your hand take small ball size batter press it on left hand with right hand and put a whole in the middle(optional).

make 4 or 5 ,drop them in oil and fry at medium flame.if u won't get with hand,do it on wet cloth which is spread on platform.

fry them till they turn brown color.take the garelu  into plate and serve them hot then the garelu will very with ghee ,butter or any chutny. eat with onion also tasty.

 can also add spinach leaves it will give more crispy.
after some time the garelu will loss crispiness.then press with hand at edge of the gare and again fry will more crispy and it will be good upto 2 days.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

pistachio shell craft

This crafts is a recycled craft  with pistachios shells. I love to eat pistachios, but I struggled to through the beautiful shells.I was decided make something out of them. I came out with this new idea.
 I painted each pistachio shell as peacock feather and pasted to a golden frame.the golden frame was a cake base,and the body was painted on white paper, pasted to the frame a piece of ribbon pasted at back side for then hang it to the wall..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Poha Chudwa(Atukula chudwa/mixture)

 Chudwa is wonderful mixture and easy to make take less time and consumes less oil.we can store the chudwa about 1 month.

Ingredients are as follows:-
Thin Poha - 10 cups(Rice cooker cup)
Roasted Chana Dal /bengal gram/putnalu -1/2 cup
Peanuts -1/4cup
Broken Cashew nuts-1/4 cup
Green chillies-10
Red chillies -4 or 5
Garlic cloves-3 or 4(optional)
Salt - 3 tsp
Sugar -1/2 tsp
curry leaves - 2 spring
vegetable oil /olive oil -6 tsp
Turmeric powder -1/2 tsp
Method :-
         Take wide pan ,heat the pan  and add the oil .Add the pinch of turmeric powder to oil and  add poha fry it 10 mins on low flame.
               here  no need to fry the poha separately you can add poha directly in this process.but when u fry poha before the process ,the chudwa will more crispy.
Take the poha into another bowl .put the pan and heat the oil  again add mustad seeds and cumin seeds and corainder seeds.
 when they spluttering add pea nuts ,cashew nuts, rosted chana dal.pea nuts take more time to fry cashew nuts less time to fry rosted chana dal already rosted ,no need fry for long time. so first add pea nuts saute 2 mins and then add cashew nuts saute 1 mins and then add rosted chana saute about few seconds.add garlic cloves saute 2 mins.
add  red chillies saute 1 min and then add green chillies and turmeric powder ,curry leaves saute them now add salt and sugar and mix well.
then  add the poha which are already fried.mix them nicely till the poha gives crisp sound.usally it takes about 5mins.when u mix poha u should be carefull because the poha may  burn.
 Chudwa is ready.u can  store the chudwa nearly 1 month ,store it in air tight container then it's won't loose crispiness.
  serve with chopped onion and lemon juice.or also u can eat with curd mix it in chudwa .