Friday, September 25, 2009

Pappu Chekkalu/pappu billalu/Crispy rice crackers

Ingrediants as follows:
  Rice flour -4 cups
  soaked chana dal-1/2 cup
  roasted chana dal /putnalu -1/2 cup
 crushed pea nuts-1/4 cup
 sesame seeds -4 tsp
 green chilly paste -5 to 6 nos
 salt - to taste
 curry leaves -2 springs
 vegetable oil for deep fry
  I used roasted chana dal in place of soaked chana dal.because roasted chana  gives more crispness than soaked dal. crush the peanuts but don't crush the peanuts into powder.
  add all above ingredients except oil to the rice flour add enough water prepare a soft dough. make a small balls with the dough .Take one poly thin paper and press the balls into round shape.and put a hole in middle.
 Mean while heat the oil.when oil heats drop the chekkalu into oil.fry on medium flame till they turn into golden color.
when they done take them into tissue paper to observe the excess oil.
put in air tight container it can be store up to 1 with ghee or butter.

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