Wednesday, November 11, 2009

pulihora/pulusu annam/tamarind rice and instant pulihora mix

Pulihora is my favorite recipe.this is traditional recipe in south India.In most of the Telugu festivals pullihora is main recipe.In Telugu Puli means pulupu(sour) and hor means cooked rice. whenever I go picnic or long journey trip I prepare pulihora.once I prepare pulihora pulusu(tamarind paste) and I keep it in fridge for long time.This is used like instant mix.
   for pulusu/tamarind paste
         tamarind -200 gms
         salt -25gms
         red chilly -3/4 cup
         curry leaves-10 strings
         coriander seeds-1/4 cup
         cumin seeds-1/4 cup
         mustard seeds-3 tsp
         turmeric powder-2 tsp
         jaggery or brown sugar-1 tsp(optional)
         vegetable oil-5 tsp
for hora/rice:
       cooked rice -2 cups(each grain should be separate)
       green chillies-5-6 slit into length wise
       curry leaves-2 strings
       peanuts-2 tsp
       chana dal-2tsp
Pulusu preparation:
 This pulusu process take total 45 mins to1 hr.first soak the tamarind in less warm water about 30 mins or put it in microwave about 5 mins,cool down it and get the pulp.prepare 3 cups of tamarind extract from the tamarind pulp.make sure the extract should be thick but not too thick.heat oil in  skillet add few coriander,cumin,mustard seeds.add 3 strings of curry leaves and turmeric powder.saute for few seconds.then add tamarind extract.
cook about 15 mins,then add red chillies and salt to it.cook for another 20 mins.
mean time in pan fry coriander,cumin,mustard seeds separately and ,fry remaining curry leaves(7 strings) in 1/2 tsp of oil till they become down them.In a blender combine all and make them into fine powder.add this powder to cooking tamarind pulp.
stir it well,cook another 20 to 30 this time add asafoetida and jaggery.
cook till the moisture evaporates and it leaves raw smell.turn off the down it and transfer it into container. and it will become thick.
keep it in will store for long time about 4 to 6 months but don't touch the water. we can use it as instant pulihora mix.
Tamarind Rice Preparation:
Take the cooked rice in a wide bowl or plate,add 2 scoops ( or according to your taste)of tamarind paste(pulusu)  to rice.
mix it well.
heat oil in a pan add chana dal and pea nut fry till the turned into light golden color then add green chillies,curry leaves saute for few mins.add this fried seasoning to rice(pulusu mixed rice).
Mix it well.tamarind rice is ready to eat.let it sit for 2 to 3 hrs then rice will observe all the flavours.
         I am sending this recipe to APS Event.


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