Friday, December 11, 2009

My 50th Post Badam Burfi/Almond Candy

I am happy to publish this 50th post.badam burfi is the mouth watering sweet.It is very rich and delicious sweet in any occasion and very easy to make it.
almond/badam-1 cup
sugar-3/4 cup
ghee -4 to 6 tsp
cardamom powder-1 pinch
yellow food color-1 pinch(optional)
first soak the almonds in warm about 30 mins.Then remove the skin.In a blender or mixie blend the almond all milk into fine thick paste.
Heat the ghee in a deep and thick bottom skillet on low add the almond paste.
keep stirring this time almond paste has very sticky to the pan.
after 4 to 5 mins blend the food color in little water then add sugar and food color to this.
then stirring continuously 10 to 15 until it become thick as consistency of bread batter.
Then it starts to leaving the sides of  pan add cardamom powder and stir well.take it into greased plate .
cool down it ,about  20 mins then cut in to desired shape.
 garnish with chopped almonds or any dry fruits.
That's it badam bufi is ready to have.


Tina said...

Congrats of ur 50th post.......Burfi looks delicious and yummyyyyy......

kothiyavunu said...

wow!!!Delicious badam burfi, looks very fabulous swapna..:)

Ms.Chitchat said...

Wow, the burfi looks very tempting. Congratulations on your 50th post. Truly celebrating with a sweet :):):)


Swapna Sree said...

Tina,Kothiyavunu & Ms.Chitchat,,,Thanks a lot.......