Thursday, October 15, 2009

Teddy bear wall hanging with yarn

Materials required:
white or lemon yellow yarn
dark color paper or cloth for background
gold lace for decoration
first glue the colored paper or cloth to card board.draw the circles for teddy bear like the above picture.
wrap the yarn to fingers about 30 to 40 times.if you wrap more times u will get more thick.make a knot as tight as you can.take out the yarn from fingers.

hold the yarn and cut the loops by using scissor.this is same as pom-pom making.

now lightly wet the yarn.because we have to separate the threads of yarn.take one comb and comb the wet yarn. easily it will separate.

cut the unequal thread equally.

make 6 equal circles like this.2 small circles for ears.
now paste the circles to card board to make teddy bear.glue the colored papers for eyes ,nose and lips.
decorate teddy bear and card board frame as per your taste.


Sangeetha Subhash said...

so cute..I liked ur creative presentation!!Keep rocking..
Wish u & ur family happy & prosperous diwali..:)

divya said...

Oh wow thats really so so cute and very nice idea..swpna.

Swapna Sree said...

Thanks a lot....I wish u d same....

Swapna Sree said...

thanks divya..

divya said...

please accept ur award from my blog.

Raje said...

Thats so lovely Swapna! Wish you a Happy Diwali!

Swapna Sree said...

Thank u so much Divya.. !

Swapna Sree said...

Thanks Raje

Nithya said...

Looks cute :)

Swapna Sree said...

thank u...