Saturday, October 10, 2009

Glass Painting

To make Glass painting u will need :
1. Stained Glass
2. Black tube colour (for out line design)
3. Trace paper with design of your choice
4. Glass paint colours
5. Brush (Thin brush)
6. Silver foil or any required foil or paper
Now put the design paper under the glass on a flat surface. Make outline of the design using black tube colour.
Allow it to dry  then apply glass paint colour as per requirement.
While applying colour if there are bubbles on the glass use brush to remove it by spreading the colour with water.bubbles doesn't give good effect on glass paint.
Now if required you can use crushed silver foil or any suitable paper on the back side of the glass for a different effect and can frame it. 


Sanghi said...

Ganesha looks cute.. Lovely work dear! Do check my art blog also at!

Swapna Sree said...

Thanks...sure I will visit ur blog

Anonymous said...

Hi swapana....
your blog is very good,do add some more recipes.


Swapna Sree said...

Thank u shireesha...sure I will add more recipes...